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Spring 2014 Edition

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Home Tax Exemptions:
File When You Buy
Monroe County offers several exemptions for your home. If it is your primary residence, you can apply for a homestead exemption. If you buy a home in Monroe County you must file your exemptions, they do not "auto-renew" or transfer under new ownership. For more info or to verify your exemptions call the Auditor's Office: 812.349.2510

We ask a lot from our windows. They must let light in; keep heat in during the winter and out during the summer; keep cold in during the summer and out during the winter; protect us from rain, insects and blowing debris but still allow for ventilation when we want it; provide security from thieves; and look good while they’re doing all of this.

Windows come in six basic styles: double- or single-hung, casement, awning, gliding, picture and specialty. Double-hung windows have a pair of moveable sashes that slide up and down within the frame. Single-hung windows look the same, but only one sash moves. Casement windows pivot vertically on hinges; they open outward and tend to be tall and narrow. Awning windows are also hinged, but they pivot horizontally. Gliding windows are similar to single-hung except that the sash slides horizontally. Picture windows provide light and views only; they don’t move, and they tend to be large. They are frequently grouped with casement or awning windows for ventilation. Any window that does not fit one of the above descriptions is a specialty window. These include round or half-round windows as well as bow or bay windows.

Window frames were traditionally made of solid wood, but maintenance concerns led manufacturers to add a coating (or “cladding”) of vinyl or aluminum over the wood. The trade-off for durability was flexibility because the color of the frame could not be changed, so some manufacturers now produce frames that are wood on the inside and vinyl or aluminum cladding on the outside. To lower the cost, windows are also available using wood composite on the inside; these can be painted but not stained on the interior frames. Some manufacturers leave wood out of the process altogether, making frames of solid vinyl or aluminum. Though less expensive, vinyl frames flex with temperature changes, and aluminum is a very poor insulator.

With few exceptions, windows produced today have at least two panes of glass separated by spacers. The air between the panes helps to keep the exchange of inside and outside temperatures to a minimum. Sometimes the space between the panes is filled with argon gas which is a better insulator than air. High-end windows might even have three panes of glass.
To improve their energy efficiency, most windows made today have a low emissivity (low-E) coating; this is a virtually invisible metallic coating that blocks radiant heat transfer and protects against ultraviolet rays (so carpet and furniture don’t fade). Double-paned windows made with low-E glass and filled with argon have about twice the insulating qualities of standard double-paned windows.

When you are replacing windows— frames and all— the casings and trim around the windows will also have to be removed and replaced. If you are happy with your frames, you can buy replacement windows that fit in the existing frame. These are also available with low-E coating and argon gas. If you’re just looking to improve the energy efficiency without changing the look of your windows, this might be a good option for you.



How's The Market? YTD Snapshot  
Real Estate FAQ
What is a Title?
A title is like a historical snapshot of a piece of land. Title companies research deeds before closings to check for any liens, encumberances or encroachments before preparing a title policy. A title policy has two portions when purchasing a home. The owner policy and the lender policy. Traditionally, the Seller pays for the owner portion, and the Buyer pays for the lender portion, unless offered in a closing allowance.

Inventory is starting to gain momentum with spring around the corner, however buyers are quickly working through the new listings. Prices have increased from 2012-2013. Homes above $300,000 are seeing a surge of activity and there has been an increase in home building permits.



Spring Events in Bloomington: Little 500 at IU  
One of the biggest fundraisers of the year for student scholarships and more is because of the little 500 weekend. Over 25,000 fans come to celebrate. Originated by Howdy Wilcox in the early 50's, this full weekend of fun is enjoyed by all ages with several races, concerts and more. For more info.
Events and Daytrips in Bloomington:
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